Essential Oils


Essential Oils

By:  Narda

August 12. 2021

NOTE:    There are several methods to make essential oils: Using an oven, a clay pot, crock pot, pressure cooker, etc.  We share here a method we consider safe and easy

What you will need:

  •     Carrier Oil (jojoba, almond, olive, wheat germ)
  •     Herbs, flowers, or fruit peels of your choice
  •     Clean glass jars with lid – pickling or preserving jars will work well
  •     Crock pot
  •     Gauze or cheese cloth
  •     A sterilized funnel
  •     A sterilized jar to strain the ingredients
  •     A sterilized colander
  •     Sterilized dark Glass bottles with lid to keep the oil from direct light and preserve it for a longer time

What you will need to do:

  •     Choose your carrier oil
  •     Select the herb, flowers or fruit peels of your choice
  •     You may use only one herb, peel or flower, or you can use a mixture of those. Feel free to experiment!
  •     Fill the equivalent of one fifth of each jar with dry herbs, peels or flowers – always put in dry ingredients first.  Do not pack the ingredients
  •     Fill with the carrier oil the remaining four parts
  •     You will need to fill each glass jar up to the base of the lid so calculate carefully
  •     Close the jars properly making sure no air gets in and put them in the crock pot
  • Cook the jars on low (warm) heat for 6 to 8 hours. Monitor the water level. Add more water as needed

What you will need to do, cont.:  

  •     When finished, wait for the water to cool and then remove the jars; let them cool at room temperature.
  •     Leave the herbs, flowers, and peels in the oil, so that the infusion continues to occur
  •     Let the oil set for two weeks by placing the jar on a place where it gets plenty of sunlight. Turn the jars upside down twice a day
  •     Placing the colander on the sterilized jar, put the cheesecloth on it and strain your oil
  •     Using the funnel, fill your bottles and store away from the sunlight at room temperature

Extra tips

  • Avoid overheating
  • Home-made essential oils might take a few trials before you get to that desired concentration.
  • Making your own essential oils can be a very pleasant experience, enjoy the process, enjoy the oils
  •  Essential oils can last up to two years if stored properly. Longer than that they will lose their effectiveness
  • Try adding few drops of essential oil to an unscented, commercial lotion to relieve stress, get energized or calm your mind

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Photography by:  Cristina Pop,  Charles Duck, Fulvio Ciccolo, Kadarius Seegar @ Unsplash